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Quality Fashion Always Rises To The Top

If you have heard of Peacock Couture you know this is an age old art form. A tradition of clothing and accessories that resemble the peacocks vast array of colors. If you haven't seen some of the amazing bridal dresses at a Peacock Couture fashion show you are missing out. While these dresses are created with amazing detail, it's the colors that will completely mesmerize you. It is truly a sight to behold, but if you think Peacock Couture is only about dresses you're in for surprise. In fact there are headpieces, anklets, earrings and a wide variety of other creations that are nothing less than absolutely stunning. Put simply Peacock Couture is about quality fashion!

Quality Websites Equate To Fashion Statements For The Web

Like the true high fashion the Peacock Couture exudes, it's equally important to have a high quality website. While it may seem irrelevant think about how Google places websites within the search engines. Higher quality websites with a very high quality PR3 rating are going to place much higher than a PR3 with a lower quality rating. Like the Peacock Couture we have to think of quality versus quantity, and use quality links and back links, when trying to place high in Google rankings.

Peacock Couture has been around for ages, and the colorful pieces created by talented people within the community are really breathtaking. Like anything created with the highest quality in mind Peacock Couture shows us that quality really does matter. The same applies with anything in life if it's to be done right.

A quality website will reflect it's high standards by ranking high on Google. Additionally it's just as important to use high back links to maintain a high ranking on search engines.

To help your site get ranked let us at Peacock Couture be your backlink quality service.


PR4 Backlink Rule 

Backlinks on our home page get more weight from Google. So when our customers buy a permanent or monthly link, we place it down below. All monthly links get removed from the site at their expire date. At the end of every month, all permanent links are moved to our Partner Links page.

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I will personally place your link. You never want the same text backlink on every site. Google's Panda will look at that as over SEO optimization.

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Permanent backlink $35.00 (30 day home page, one year in favorites)

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